Joseph Morris


Each piece is an experiment in empathy: a machine, or an object, or a sound trying to make you recognize something in yourself. If you saw a wall that seemed to breathe, could you feel more connected to your own body? Or if a sound reminded you that there is an invisible world beyond yourself, could you feel grounded? What if it changed over time? If the object or work wasn’t static but subject to the physical stresses of a lifetime?

When the object becomes an experience, there's potential for emotive feedback. There's a space where subtle gestures and sensory experience become amplified, where machines aren’t simply kinetic art but projectors of subjectivity, impressing subtle notions of infinities within and without our bodies, crafting an esoteric moment shared between viewer and machine.

All my emotive machines are created with and through technological processes. The ideas and notions I am trying to impress determine what technologies I use, and the technologies I use determine how the piece exists in the world.








Space within spaces

Opening Reception June 18th 8 - 9:30 pm

space within spaces Public INSTALLATION

6/18/2019 - 6/30/2020
Pratt institute (brooklyn)
juliana curran terian design Center atrium
(btwn Pratt studios and Steuben hall)
Opening reception june 18th, 8 - 9:30 pm

My newest work, Space within Spaces, opens June 18 at Pratt Institute.

One year of experimenting
200 WiFi enabled Edison bulbs
600 feet of wire
A custom-built sensor with a dozen Geiger tubes and electronics
Multiple iterations of software
And over 500 waterproof 3D printed components...

All of those components turn a set of everyday string lights into a physical data visualization that responds to cosmic radiation.